"A few months ago I injured my right shoulder doing military press. I was thinking about going to the doctor after two weeks of not being able to lift my arm above shoulder height. I had seen Rob on Instagram and just had the feeling I should let him work on me first. He got right to work and at times I probably wanted to cry because my shoulder was so locked up. We discussed what my problems might be. I was able to walk out feeling better, looser and changed a few things at home like the position I was sleeping. Within a few weeks I was back pressing the weight I injured myself doing. That same weight is now my warm-up. I need to give Rob a thank you."

                      -Chris Patterson @milehighpete

Workout when it's convenient for you!

It's hard enough to find time to workout, let alone find a time slot with a good trainer that matches your schedule! With online training you can workout whenever you can make it work and you'd get the same routine from us that we'd give you in person. Plus, there's nobody standing over you like a babysitter!

It's more affordable

Our local big gym charges around $60 for a 50 minute session with a personal trainer. If you only do one session a week that's about $240 a month!  Our typical client will workout 3-4 times per week, imagine the cost of those sessions! We charge a simple $149 a month, for as many sessions as you want each week. So much more for so much less! 

Exclusive Access to Our Video Tutorials

If you don't know the exercises you can access our video tutorials Online. Every exercise we put into our plans have a video that are accessible to our clients on our youTube channel. We can then offer feedback if you send us a recording of you performing the lift.

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Why Online Personal Training?

There are many reasons why Online Personal Training is better.

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