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These therapies can be easily added into a session or done as an independent therapy.

Sports Recovery Session

Recovery session using TWO of the therapies below in the 
"Additional Therapy Options" section. *This is not a massage session.

40mins - $25

Additional therapy options

We've moved!

Starting December 1st 2022, We'll be seeing clients out of Hardbodies Gym.

974 w 14420 s Ste 5, Bluffdale UT 84065

Compression sleeves

20min program


Hyperice Venom



Rock Taping


*Time frames include time for an assessment, time to undress and then to get dressed at the end of the session.  Ex. 1 hour massage = 5min of prep, 50 mins of hands on time, 5 min to get redressed and any homework covered. Please come in or bring shorts and a sports bra for the women.

Cancellation requires 24 hour notice for a full refund, otherwise it's a $35 cancellation fee.

Sports Massage session

60 minutes - $80

90 minutes - $125

120 minutes - $160

Compex E-stim

20min program